Core Strengthening – Stop Back Pain in its Tracks !

With nearly everyone experiencing back pain at some point in life, working to avoid back pain is key. With a number of simple strengthening exercises, you can minimize your chance of developing disabling back pain or minimize the severity of it if you already have it.

I will start you off with the simple plank today. More will be added to this one you’ve got the plank down !

The plank: Laying on your stomach on the floor, feet shoulder width apart, lift yourself up onto your elbows. Keep your body and back straight. Your stomach muscles might quiver – showing how deconditioned they are ! Try to maintain this pose for up to 60 seconds. If this is your first time, start slow: 15 seconds. Stop if you have any back pain with this exercise. Repeat this 3 times.

Next, the side plank. Stay tuned. Register with us and leave your comments and thoughts below.

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